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Tail Ends


May, 2013

It is not just dogs and cats PAWS is able to help. January 2012 we received a call from a woman who had rescued a waxwing that has "crashed" in her yard, but was going away on vacation and was hoping someone could continue nursing the bird back to health and release.
One of our volunteers picked up the bird and took on the challenge. The bird got to hang out in her bathroom (the heating turned off to keep it more like the outside temperature), she found a larger cage to use to give it more room to build up it's strength hopping from perch to perch. She managed to find lots of Mountain Ash berries and bought beetle larvae which the bird was handfed. After a week the bird was strong enough to fly across the bathroom and sit on the window ledge, chirp and look out into the treee tops. It regained the use of it's claw and grip. In the afternoons the cage was taken outside in the sun and the other waxwings were seen in the yard and the bird called to them.

3 weeks after coming to the house the cage was taken outside on a sunny afternoon and the door opened. After 10 minutes the bird hopped out and sat on top of the cage then flew up into the cedars in the yard. After half an hour it was gone and the waxwing flock was seen down the road in the tops of the trees making the most of the early afternoon Winter sun.