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Scotty, as found by PAWS
This is Scotty, as found by PAWS
Scotty, after being adopted
This is Scotty after being adopted
Bear, as found by PAWS
Bear with his furever family
About the Topaz Creek Dogs
What Would You Do If You Suddenly Had 56 Dogs Surrendered To You And You Had No Place To Put Them?

Even though the Creston Pet Adoption and Welfare Society (PAWS) had no facility in June 2002, they rose to the challenge for the sake of the dogs.  PAWS undertook this major rescue because it was well past the time for someone to put a stop to this tragic situation.  Through the persistence of the Creston Pet Adoption and Welfare Society, on June 20, 2002, a local hoarder/collector was forced to surrender a total of 56 northern and mixed breed dogs to PAWS.

These dogs had come from a neglected and abusive environment and were collected with the misguided intention of being used as sled dogs. Chained to trees all their lives, many had scars and open wounds on their heads and around their necks. All the dogs exhibited fearful behaviour, some to the extent of severe traumatization.  As far as PAWS knew or had been able to determine, none of the dogs had ever been off their chains, or trained in sledding in any way. 

As of July 12th, 2002, 56 dogs had been recovered from the mountain.  Temporary kennels had been set up on private property.  Two females have whelped 10 pups per litter.  PAWS volunteers fed, waterer and socialized the dogs on a twice-daily basis.  Within one week of their arrival in the PAWS temporary kennels, the transformation of the first 31 dogs was amazing.  All the dogs have sweet and gentle natures.  Many were adoptable right away.  PAWS had undertaken to vaccinate and spay or neuter each dog prior to adoption.

Authorities had known about this matter for a number of years - PAWS has tried unsuccessfully to rally the support of the BCSPCA, and various local and provincial government departments.Imitation Watches There are no other shelter resources in our area and all the organizations that could have done something long before kept turning a blind eye to the severity of the situation.  We are grateful to Lands and Water BC for finally investigating and taking action.  There is no Animal Control Bylaw or shelter facility in the Creston Valley where PAWS operates.  Lack of resources forced PAWS to appeal to the public, and through the media for urgently needed items: food, chain link fencing, dishes, collars and leashes, toys, and especially, money towards vaccinations and spay/neuter.  Through Internet contacts, many wonderful private rescue groups and individuals rallied behind PAWS in this effort. PAWS first priority had been to ensure the safety and health of these dogs.  The second priority was to alert the local community and the media of our plight, so that we were able to find loving, caring homes for all these dear souls so that they never endure such trauma again.  PAWS also investigated legal avenues that may be available to prevent this man from owning any more dogs, or at least restricting the number of dogs, and ensuring that they are spayed or neutered.