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News from Thunder
Thunder loves the snow!
Goofy and adorable Thunder

January, 2013

Hi Vicki!

My Mum says I am finally big enough to write to you myself! So I am very excited to be sending my very first email to you! :D

I am so happy in my fur-ever home! I get to sleep in Mum and Dad's comfy bed with them every night, I have a big bin full of awesome toys (but I prefer cardboard boxes!), I have a HUGE yard to run around in and play fetch, I get to go for all sorts of fun car rides to new places, I have a very pretty girlfriend named Marley, AND I get all the hugs and love I could ever want!

My very first snowfall was so funny! I had no idea what all the weird white-stuff was and even walked goofy on it! Once I ate the first big mouthful and realized it was water, well I would have eaten the yard if Mum and Dad had let me :D

For my very first birthday (that has been deemed February 2nd) we are all going to Canmore to see my Nana and Papa! I love spending time with them, especially my Papa, he lets me sit on his lap in his lazy-boy with him! I can't wait till I am big enough to go hiking in the mountains when I go to visit! Nana and Papa's dog, Flora, has told me so many great stories from her adventures hiking in the mountains!

On Boxing Day we learned that I have an allergy to something. I felt woozy and got sick and then my face swelled up like a balloon! Mum got really scared and Dad gave me some Benadryl and we all went for a car ride to the Emergency clinic in the city, just incase the swelling affected my breathing. (Thank goodness it didn't!) It happened again about a week ago and now Mum, Dad, and my vet Dr. Fisher are all working to figure out why my face goes all poofy! So far we think it might be from a bug-bite and that I am just sensitive to it. We also learned that I am allergic to chicken and grains, and it was this allergy that caused me to get a bare patch on my tummy. I'm on really yummy Acana Pacifica now and even get super-snazzy dehydrated fish treats. My breath stinks but my coat is oh-so shiny, and no more bare spot!

I have learned that the little handle on the toilet makes the water go "SPOOSH!", now if I can just get that darn lid open! I have also learned that elk antlers are delicious and that I should only ever play with my loudest squeaky toys when Mum and Dad are watching a movie! I have all sorts of beds too! One for stretching out on, one for curling up in, and one I can't eat (that goes in my crate); but my favourite bed is Mum and Dad's, they even set their alarms extra early just so they can spend time in the mornings to cuddle with me before they have to get up! Mum and Dad think I am spoiled (not rotten!) but I think it's juuuuust right :D

This past weekend Mum and Dad took me to a big PetExpo and I got to try Dock Diving! Since I didn't get a chance to learn to swim this past summer I was nervous of the water and wouldn't leave the ramp into the water (I just stood there and started to drink the pool like a goof-ball!) but Dad is going to teach me how to swim this summer and we are going to sign up to be in the Dock Diving Club!

I hope everyone at P.A.W.S. are all happy and healthy, and that they all find their fur-ever homes (very soon!) too <3 Hugs-n-Licks, Thunder xoxo

And now for some pictures... starring ME!

Reply from Vicki:

Dear Thunder,

You are such a lucky boy and all the PAWS people are soooo happy for you.  Thank you for letting us know how you are doing.  It looks like your mom and dad are the BEST ever!  I am sorry to hear about your food allergies, those darn things can be so nasty.  But Acana is a super food so I am sure you won't have any more problems.  Good luck with the face swelling stuff though.  That sounds scary, but your dad was so smart giving you the benedryl.  

Would you please ask your mom if it is OK to post your letter on the PAWS website and facebook?  I am positive tons of people would love to read it and see all your handsome photos.  

So great to hear from you!


ps.  Dock Diving sounds like a hoot, so be brave buddy, and you will have a blast!


My Mum says that you are more than welcome to post up any of my letters and photos! She also wanted me to send you this photo, it's her favorite one of me; Mum says it captures my goofy and adorable-self so well :)

I will make sure I email you pictures from my First Birthday and keep you updated on all my latest adventures!  Mum and Dad are talking about maybe getting me a brother too! If they do I know they will be looking at all the awesome dogs at PAWS! Mum says she will make sure that we all see you when we are there again :)

Thanks for everything Vicki, and most importantly thank you and everyone at PAWS for taking me in and keeping me safe till my Mum and Dad came to bring me home! They are fur-ever grateful!


Thunder xoxo