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News from Stuart
Stuart looking quite happy!

May, 2013

Stuart was a two time attendee of the PAWS animal shelter. He was first found skinny, lost and wandering in the Wynndel area and then came back a few months later when he was surrendered. An older handsome boy no one seemed to want the reticent husky male with his spooky beautiful blue eyes. He was previously a sled dog and had been retired. When we first saw him in the kennel at the shelter he was continuously pacing back and forth and our hearts went out to him. He soon became one of the favourites at the shelter with the volunteers due to his laid back attitude and his ability to get on with other dogs he gradually started to come out of his shell. He was well known for his loud "singing" voice and his ability to evade being called back in when exercise was over. He found his furever home with us in Xmas 2011, our husky wolf cross had recently died in October and our household was able to be there for him. Christmas Eve he came to our house and settled in right away. He already knew our other dog, Roxy, also from PAWS. Stuart initially spent most of his time snuggled in the dog crate, only to come out for walks, meals and cuddles. Gradually he got to know the house and the 4 crazy cats who were running around. He started to lie on the rugs in the living room on his own and figured it was OK to snooze there when the TV was on. He got used to the daily walks and rides in the car to Duck Lake. We quickly learnt that Stuart was not used to stairs - after encouragement he was able to go down to the basement but then couldn't figure how to get back up. After much encouragement and positive reinforcement (it sounded like he'd won the World Cup when he did come up!) he is now able to negotiate both up and down to the basement and to the top floor of the house. Five months after he arrived he came upstairs to sleep with us all on his own. Proving that with time and effort (and tasty treats) you can teach old dogs new tricks! Stuart is a wonderful addition to our furry gang and is frequently seen with a cat nuzzling him,. sharing his bed or lying across his paws. He is fun loving and energetic and he also makes "guest" appearances at the shelter with his PAWS volunteer owner. His howling is reduced now to a muted welcome call when he is excited to see you in the morning or when we get back from work.