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Tail Ends

News from Stryder
Stryder enjoys the water

Stryder, a Topaz Creek dog originally named Happy, was adopted by Stephanie and now lives outside of Edmonton.  About a year ago Stryder got very, very ill and Stephanie thought they were going to lose him. He ended up on massive doses of Prednisone and other drugs.  Stephanie didn't spare any cost to help this guy, has stuck by him through all his pain and sickness.  Stryder is now doing a lot better, as Stephanie reports.

"The bad news is that the big guy is putting on the pounds again :(  The good news is that his liver's toxicity is coming down and we keep on weaning him off the pred slowly but surely :)  He always knows when the weekend comes and is the first one at the door with tail wagging when I'm ready to go since he's certain that he gets to go along too!  He is always up for a walk at the lake and keeps up no problem and the best part, he's started jumping up on the bed again which he hasn't done since he first got sick!!!  It used to be his tradition that after going out to go pee in the morning he'd come back in and head straight for the bed (I used to have to race him on the weekend so there'd still be room enough for me too :) but hadn't done it in almost a year until this past weekend!  At first I thought I had to help him get up and he was happy to let me think that but this morning when I got out of the shower there he was all stretched out!!"