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Tail Ends

News from Sophie (aka Polly)

We are still dealing with the ongoing issue of her car issues. When first rescued Polly hated riding in vehicles because she got sooo terribly car-sick. She still drools, though no where near as much. And will willingly go into any open car that you present her with, so I believe that we have over come any fear per say of the car.....She comes up to the barn every day, and of course assists with the daily chores. Did you know she can scale a stack of hay with very little effort on her part. We had it stacked 6 high and she makes it up to the top in a breeze.

She also loves going over the horse jumps. I can point at a jump and she will gladly leap over it. Lately I have been riding and having her tag along side in the arena. I would like to be able to bring her along my walking trail rides in the spring, and I am also going to see if I can convince her to follow me over the fences. She knows the difference between my one horse Kayla and the other Earl. If you ask her to "go get Earl" she bolts into the field and will run up to the one you have asked for. She hasn't figured out what to do from there, so she just sits by them.....


Earl and Sophie seem to have a real bond. I am hopeful to get some of their playfulness on video. Often you will see her sitting in the field, and Earl will walk up to her, and start swirling his head and neck around and "eggs" her on so to speak.....They then take turns "becoming afraid of each other" time and time again. Ended up with two perfectly mudded animals. Couldn't tell Earl was once a grey, and you could swear that Sophie was a solid mud colour. I also Missed a PERFECT Kodak moment too the other day. Earl was rolling (in the mud of course) and ended up sitting on his back end, like a dog would sit. Sophie was right along side him in the same position!