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News from Rox7y
Roxy looking quite happy!

May, 2013

Roxy (formally Toostie) came into our house April 2009, we were initially fostering her for a weekend. She barked incessantly for attention, was an expert super quick counter surfer, stole socks, ran off if you weren't paying complete attention to her and threw up in the car if the journey was more than 20 minutes. But she captured our hearts as underneath all the juvenile 18 month bravado she was a sweet natured girl who loved being with people and other dogs and managed to tolerate our dog tormenting cats in the house. Roxy was a third time PAWS adoptee and had spent many months in PAWS foster care in between homes. With patience and perserverance from us both she started to bark less, got loads of daily exercise and improved her obedience skills. She seemed to realise that we were prepared to give her a furever home and started to settle down. Fall 2010 she travelled all the way to the Oregon coast with us and found out what ocean waves are and ran like the wind along the beaches with a big doggy grin.

Summer 2011 she completed her first level agility class and proved to be an wonderful student. Roxy is a pleasure to have in our home and is often in attendance at the PAWS shelter making her social rounds. She recently lost her 13 year old housemate Nina but is now happy to share her dog bed with Stuart (another PAWS graduate) who joined us at Christmas 2011. Roxy is often found snuggled up in front of the fire with the cats or against the couch on her back with her legs in the air. She enjoys tummy rubs, is an expert toe licker, rides anywhere in the car as she knows it generally means there will be a big run off leash in it for her. We are looking forward to helping her become the agility star she dreams of being and to enjoy her company for many years to come. Way to go Roxy