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Tail Ends

News from Peaches
Peaches is very happy in her new home

It is two months since you kindly delivered a loving, bouncing bundle of fur to join our household.  Thank you for engineering this adoption of Peaches. We are getting along happily. She entertains us, loves us, eats very little, and makes friends with anyone who has seen her.  When she goes outside the first thing she does is roll in the snow .... even though the present snow is scant and has a crust on it. She is smart enough to choose a different place to pee each time. If we are close to the highway I keep her on the leash as she seems inclined to investigate the highway. But in the park area and on the beach she is free. She loves to run and to explore a bit around cottages or the bush. Then she rushes back to join me and then bounces off again. The few times that I have been able to ski she comes home with her tongue dragging because I move more quickly than when I walk. Once inside she heads to the water bowl for a drink then lies down somewhere for a nap.  She becomes very animated when I start making supper. She sniffs anything I drop but so far does not eat a chunk of carrot or  a piece of lettuce or even bread.  One thing she has taken more than once is a tiny chunk of watermelon.  So , part way through my preparation of supper, I feed her. She has her best appetite then.  When Peter and I sit down she is quiet and willing to lie in the dining room watching just me in the kitchen.  Peaches seems to appreciate it when I watch TV. She does not pay attention to the screen but lies beside me.

Peaches' First Report

Peach is doing well.  She likes riding in the car and she tried a ride in the truck  (She stood behind me in the crew cab section, sometimes with her nose over the centre slot.)  Monday morning I got up, couldn't spot her with flashlight but found her on the bed in the spare bedroom. Later I found a pillow to fit her doggie bed. She really likes that. This morning she lay in there for almost half an hour while I had my first coffee.  

Peaches loves to romp and roll in the snow . She unfortunately, blends with the long grass sticking through the snow. The park block near us is laced with deer and elk tracks which she investigates and smells often. She is pretty happy here. And she was sleeping on the foot of my bed when I got up  this morning. No apologies. She stayed there until she realized I was not coming back under the covers.    

Peaches is getting along very happily. When I came home last Thursday with the Nutra Senior, I watched as she smelled it in her bowl. I'll swear she sniffed and smiled. "This is familiar. I like it" She has eaten most meals reasonably quickly.   She tends to flop down in the kitchen. For awhile I stepped carefully over her, then I tried telling her to sit at the edge of the dining room , watch me, but not get in the way. She understood those instructions.  

She has a small bark but uses it very rarely.  I have been out briefly twice on cross country skis mostly on the  lake ice or beach. Peaches goes out with me , zigzagging around the houses near the shore.