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Tail Ends

News from Ozzy (aka Robbie)

May 2013

Given recent articles on "black dog syndrome" - black dogs being left behind at shelters due to the colour of their fur - I hope our story encourages other people to adopt shelter dogs of any colour! Adopting Ozzy was one of the best decisions of our lives - black fur and all! I do not know what our life would be like without Ozzy in it! It has almost been 2 years since your wonderful organization introduced Ozzy into our lives and he is a happy and healthy 70 lb boy.

Thank you again for everything you do and hope other families are as lucky as us to find their perfect companion(s)!

May 2012

My parents, Kim and Greg Schmor, adopted cute "Robbie" from your shelter in June/July of 2011.  We wanted to update and let you know how amazing of a dog he is!  
Robbie, now known as Ozzy, is 56 pounds, neutered and healthy as can be (apart from his chicken allergy)!  He has been a perfect gentleman since joining our family and we have never met a puppy quite like him.  Puppy doesn't seem to be the right word to use since he has acted like a mature adult since the day he came home!  We seemed to have bypassed the typical puppy stages (pee accidents, chewed shoes, etc.) with him!  He is extremely intelligent, polite, calm and content!  He is also the most submissive dog we (and many other people) have ever met!  We wonder if his fellow litter mates are as submissive and mellow as our little guy?  
Nevertheless, he has been an amazing dog and want to thank you for allowing us to have him join our family!  I have attached pictures from when we first got him (and the shelter ad picture) until now!  
Jen, Kim, Greg and Ozzy :)