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Tail Ends


Nellie has settled in well with Bella and Ivory, and us human folk too. She does love to run, so when I take her for walks, I have her on the extendable leash so she can run up and down snow banks. We have been able to take her out with us around the house with the other two dogs, and when she tries to sneak off, I call her back, and she does come right away. So I am very pleased.

Bella (our little 2 year old girl pug) has taken a particular liking to Nellie. Bella runs down stairs in the morning and waits for me to open Nellie's bedroom door so that they can go outside together and then have breakfast. Bella and Nellie were snuggled up together on the couch this morning while I did some reading. And Bella likes to pair up with Nellie on or walks.

Although Nellie, is still pretty quiet, Ivory has taught Nellie to bark at the neighbour's big dog. And she whines and jumps up (gently) when she wants to go outside or have another cookie. And Nellie will put her head under my hand and lift up when she wants attention or a pat. I have to make sure all three dogs get a cuddle and ear rub, and a pat, and that no one feels left out. Nellie still has not figured out my morning routine yet. I like to bath and dress for the day before going for my walk. So she paces around the house until I am ready to go. Eventually she will learn how things go in the morning, and she will settle down and wait.

She sure is a cuddler! Jennie walks around the house with her "baby" Nellie up on her chest and shoulder. And whenever one of us is sitting she jumps into our lap, unfortunately without warning. I'll be teaching her to wait until invited, in case I have a beverage in my hand, or we have a guest who has not "gone to the dogs" yet. Jennie has taken to calling Nellie, "Ninnie"... She does not seem to mind or be confused, so we will just go with it.