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Tail Ends

Midge has settled in nicely!

Thank you to the PAWS people for helping us find the perfect dog for our family.

We found Midge when we were looking through your website and were intrigued by her picture, something just drew us to her. We tried her out for the Easter weekend of 2009 which started off with a very rocky start. She bolted from our car after getting scared by our son and we couldn't get her back so she ended up spending the night outside that night in a strange place, since we brought her from Creston to Nelson. With the help of Vicki and her husband we managed to get her back the next day. After already being scared in general, with this incident also we didn't know how she would be. It took her two days to go to the bathroom for us. We kept her on a leash at all times and brought her with us everywhere. After the second day with us she would start to look for us if one of us left the room. This was a great sign considering that we had to carry her from the living room to her pillow in our bedroom the first few nights.


We kept her on a leash every time we went outside for the first 3 months, and in that time let her run between us little by little, until we could let her off the leash in the yard only. She has been off leash since July and loving it. She always stays around where we are. We were able to take her to our beach out where we live where dogs can run freely . She loved hanging out at the beach with us, could socialize with other dogs but would never be far away, and would return as soon as she was done. She has been a very quiet dog; I think we have heard her bark 5 or 6 times only, which is great when you have children napping. She is still scared of many people but is curious at the same time and is going through baby steps of her own. She is still scared of our 4 year old sometimes as he moves quickly but she has no problem hanging around the kids when we are outside especially when we are not right here. And is fine when our son lays right on her. She listens very well to us also which is why she doesn't go far from us. She also wants to be right in there with the family when we are having a ticklefest or something on the bed; she hates to miss out. She still has a ways to go with coming more and more out of her shell but she has come leaps and bounds since she came to us.


She has been a great dog to have around and be part of our family. And she loves our cat, they play all the time.

Many thanks,
The Devins'