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Tail Ends

News from MacKenzie

February, 2011

Greetings from Edmonton.  

Its been nearly six months since we made the long, long drive down from Edmonton to Creston, to add MacKenzie to our lives, and so I thought this would be a good time to touch base again, and send some photos too.   MacKenzie has fit in well with our family, and our other dog, the lovable Cara. Watching their relationship grow has been fascinating. Cara is 10, and acts very much like the big sister. MacKenzie can drive her crazy, but hes also brought out a sense of play in her that I think has been great for both of them.   MacKenzie is very attached to all of us now. Hes shown that he is bright, teachable, and eager to fit in. Hes also shown that there is never a time that he doesnt think is playtime. He wants to play all the time, and hes a lot to keep up with! Hes still the kleptomaniac he can snap a mitten out of your hand and be halfway across the yard before you know its missing. But hes also getting much better at surrendering the mitten when asked.   Each of us has worked out our own relationship with MacKenzie. Our youngest, Declan, has a way of getting MacKenzie to vocalize that none of us can match. Ive attached a short movie clip of that its pretty funny.   Were still working on things with him particularly loose-leash walking when a cat shows up but were very happy that MacKenzie is part of our lives. Hes healthy, happy, an armload, and an enthusiastic goofball.  

I hope all is well there.
My best to you all.  
Dave Baker & Family