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News from Lenny

He's getting much better with strangers and now that the store is open (and he' meeting lots of new people) he is getting better and better at going up to people (while they're not looking) and sniffing them. He's even allowed several people to pet him. He has a girlfriend - Athena - she's a 9 year old golden/lab cross and he thinks she's pretty special. Lots of badly out of tune singing when Athena's around. Rico and Lenny are now starting to play! I'm so happy! Lenny actually initiated play with Rico last month and they now regularly play on walks. Lenny races off and Rico chases him and then Lenny hides in the short bushes that Rico can't get in to. Every now and then Lenny chases Rico and they both love it. Then the other day Lenny came racing over to me and gave me a play bow, so I "human" play bowed back and he thought it was awesome and did his little "I'm so excited" bounce where both front paws come off the ground at the same time. I was so pleased. Anyway, I think he's doing really, really, well.