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News from Jenny

January 2012

Hello everyone at PAWS, hope all is well with everyone.  Just a quick up-date on our sweet Jenny..she is doing fantastic & she made herself right at home, from day one.  Quite the watchdog, too, we like that!  She'll puff herself up and give a couple of barks, then settles right down once she sees who's at the door.  She loves her walks, cuddles, homemade turkey treats, baths and car rides..the list could go on and on...lol.  She's quite the little character, makes me laugh all the time, for example, she now shakes a paw (not sure if she knew how to do it before, but learned quickly) I told her to sit (she did) and before I said "shake a paw" she automatically held her paw up...so cute & smart!  She gives us such JOY and we LOVE her so much!!  She's like a little guardian angel in a fur coat & I feel blessed.  Thank you so very much.  The love, care and attention you give to these beautiful pets is amazing! 
Peace to you all,
Dave, Kathryn & Jenny