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Tail Ends


Hi Aunties!

This is the first chance I've had to write....I'm having a lot of fun so hope you're not worrying about me.

I like it here & I know they really like me being here. Bella is fun to play with, inside & outside - she gets down on her belly to play with me or else I'm on the couch so we're eye level - we play walrus mouth a lot & do a lot of wrestling...she has lots of toys too that she likes to share so we play a little tug-o-war with them but mostly we just wrestle with each other...outside I'm way speedier than her so I zip around the backyard, under her & around her & it drives Bella nuts - we both come in with our tongues dragging - Bella moreso of course (-:

Gidget the cat, well, I'm curious & I try to say hi but, she's got a pout on about something???? cats - who can figure them!!! - she hangs out either in the basement or in her cozy bed upstairs - Mom brings her out to join in the family but she doesn't stick around too long - I gather she used to sit on the couch a lot where I'm sitting so maybe that's what she's mad about??!!!  I'll just leave her be for now & I'm sure she'll come around & see that I'm really quite friendly & would love to cuddle with her on the couch.

I haven't ventured upstairs or downstairs on my own yet - I'm a little afraid of the stairs, but in time...I've got lots to keep me busy on the main floor & outside so no hurry. Yesterday we went to one of the places where Bella goes for her 4+ km walk/run every day - it was A LOT of fun...I even got to go off leash! & Bella & I ran & ran & ran & chased each other. They were in awe as to my agility abilities!!! (-: I like coming back when I'm called too because I get lots of treats & hugs. Yesterday we had another doggie friend join us - Sammie - he's a Norwich Terrier, he only has 2 inch legs, but he kept up with us as best he could. Apparently there's LOTS of doggie friends for me to meet & play with yet, both on our walks & in the field across the street from the house - but today it is raining really hard so we're staying warm & dry & having fun playing inside.

I've even been given my very own BIG bone!!!! Bella has hers gone in no time - but then she has a BIG mouth!!! Bella & I had to work out a few things in that area but all is fine now. I have my own crate so sometimes I hide my bone in there for a later snack, but I'm told it's better to keep it in the fridge for later so I just have to ask for it. I'm being a big girl about riding in the truck...Bella & I both go in the back canopy area....we have nice blankets with padding so it's soft & cushy & there's airy windows - & I haven't been sick at all - still drooling a little but I'm working on it. I know we're usually going somewhere fun when we get to ride in there so that helps!!!

Mostly I like sleeping on the couch as it has blankets & pillows for me to cuddle up in, but sometimes I've been allowed to cuddle up in the bed - but only when I'm asked to come up & that's fine with me. I showed them how much I really love my belly rubbed too - they're pretty good at it but  I'll keep working on their training. My food is good...I get lots of healthy treats mixed in & I'm learning that there are "specific eating times" - but if I bat my eyes softly & look really cute - which isn't too hard - there's often treats in between - yum, yum. Well time for a nap...yawn....it's not so bad winning the lottery when you have someone to cuddle up with. Take care....I'll write again soon & hopefully will pick out a few pictures to send along in the next while.

Love Hazel