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Tail Ends

News from Beatrice (aka Mims)
Beatrice loves the beach!

First and foremost, Beatrice is blossoming every day. I truly think she is thriving in our family. She is a constant source of surprises, both in her naughtiness and intelligence. Last Sunday we took a daytrip to Seaside, Oregon.  The beach at Seaside is very deep and sandy. Since off-leash dogs are allowed on the beach, it's the perfect place to take pups to play. Bea had no interest in the ocean or the gulls (believe it or not!). She just wanted to run and chase balls thrown by the Chuck-it. She made a friend, a female brindle boxer, and they ran, sprinted and jumped for nearly an hour together. In sum, she ran non-stop for nearly two hours and loved every minute of it. (A big smile photo from last weekend is included.)  

We finished the first 8 week obedience class with Beatrice. She made outstanding progress! Her sits are nearly effortless and she is coming when called with much more consistency. We are still working with her in open spaces with a long-line leash, but she is responding well to instruction. As for her misbehavior, we have a pass-through opening that connects the kitchen to the family room in the new home. Our sectional sofa sits adjacent to the opening. Bea has left paw print evidence that she has climbed on the sofa, jumped through the opening and walked on the counter tops! She's also learned to open the door handles to allow entry into the bedrooms, although she hasn't quite figured out how to twist them from inside the rooms. We've arrived home to find her "trapped" in one of the bedrooms. All is well with Beatrice. We love her so much! Typically, she's attending doggie day care 4 days per week. The owner of the facility just told me yesterday that she's a natural leader. We look forward to spending time with her each evening and planning special adventures for the weekends.

I celebrated the kick off of my week-long spring break with another trip to the beach today. I have a feeling that this is going to turn into a regular weekend outing -- Beatrice LOVES running on the sand! Her happiness brings us so much joy! Today she ventured into the ocean and splashed around. Now she is zonked out on the couch snoring. . .oh, what a busy day!


April 24th, 2010

I've been thinking of you and the other PAWS volunteers recently, as Beatrice continues to blossom into a near-perfect companion. She is staying at home now two days a week and attending day care the remaining 3 work days. Now that she has adjusted to our new house, I think she somewhat enjoys the solitude and freedom of having space to herself. We're staggering her 'home alone' time between two days of day care, so she seems quite content to curl up on the couch, her bed or lounge on the rug in a sun spot when we're not home. It's been at least 2 months since she's experienced any accidents in the house.

Bea has just excelled at her obedience training. She is coming when called, even off the leash. She's always loved to chase rubber balls thrown with the Chuck It toy, but she seems to have an extra bounce in her step now that the weather is warming. This weekend, she sprinted so fast at the dog park, that the fur on her shins was green from grass stain! I hope to get a photo of her green tinged fur to send you soon. She relishes being the fastest dog at the park!

My Mom came to visit from Virginia for a week in March, and it was her first time meeting Beatrice. Beatrice was such a traitor to us. . .she immediately bonded and trusted my Mom, choosing to sleep with her at night. She'd stay up a bit later watching television with us on the couch, then open the guest bedroom door and crawl into bed with her grammy. For several days after my Mom left, Bea continued to search the house for her. Lovingly, Mom bestowed Beatrice the nickname, Spotty Dotty.

Things are well for us all in Oregon. I just wanted to check in and provide a quick update. Thanks again for all the lifesaving work you do for voiceless animals. Because of your hard work, we were blessed with our spotted angel.

Fondly, Jennifer Schafrath