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Tail Ends

Bailey is doing wonderfully!

Bailey is a pure bred English Bulldog surrendered to PAWS in April 2009, because, the owner claimed, she didn't get along with their other dog, a Rottweiler. It was obvious Bailey had some health issues so, as will all PAWS rescues, she was examined by a veterinarian.  This sweet, gentle girl was assessed with frostbitten ears (she was kept as an 'outdoor dog' despite her short, thin coat), bad teeth, hot spots (we discovered she had food allergies), a perforated eardrum, and a bacterial skin infection over much of her body that had begun in the folds around her tail stub which had been improperly docked.  She had also not been spayed, and when our vet performed that procedure we were told that she had the "messiest uterus" the vet had ever seen. No wonder she got cranky at times with the other dog! With bathing, vet care including two seperate surgeries to treat the mess that had been her tail because the bone had grown backwards and had become deeply infected, medication, a proper diet and lots of TLC, Bailey now has the forever home she deserves.

Update from her forever home

Bailey is now doing wonderfully, she has become a major part of our family. We have also recently added a kitten to our family and they are the greatest of friends.  I have never seen anything as cute a a bulldog playing with a kitten. especially how slobbery she is when they are done.  Now that Bailey is healthy she is a completely different dog ( for the better). She is playful and loves long walks. Before all her tail surgery she just slept, but now you can really tell she feels better.  she still claims any blanket that lands on the floor as her new bed and snores unbelievably but that's why we love her!