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News from Auggie
Auggie enjoys the creek

March, 2010

Auggie is doing great, the snow in our yard has Officially melted, We didn't get much snow this year.  That's even better for Auggie he loves running around the yard ! playing with his toys ! I have maybe once or twice a week giving him a egg in his food, its very good for his coat.  I have been taking him for walks, He is doing wonderful Off-Leash.  There is a trail behind the highway behind my house, and he loves going for walks on there.  Even my sister has been pitching in and taking him for walks.  My friend is going to be moving in from Central America and her dog and Auggie would love to play out in the yard together. I will send you some picture's, Hope you enjoy the pictures !

Auggie is enjoying his new life in Salmo with his forever family. He is an avid swimmer and loves to play fetch in the creek. He is pretty goofy and he gets really hyper and happy. His family has found a little beach spot by the river and have been taking Auggie.  Auggie is doing well with his obedience and he can sit very well now. He can also do lay down and shake a paw! He was taught a trick where you have the glasses and you have a treat and you let Auggie sniff the treat then you mix is around in the three cups, slowly so he can observe the treat, then you say "Which one!" and he will sniff it out and choose the rights one! Ok, only sometimes! He has been a very good boy and he has been to the groomers and behaved well.