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Tail Ends

Topaz Creek Dogs Rescued by PAWS in June 2002

Dancer up on the mountain Dancer a few days later, off his chain and in a safe kennel with shelter, food and water
Freckles was so terribly matted he could barely move at first that we had to shave him. Freckles with his beautiful coat grown back in and lots of TLC and grooming.
Kiki - so afraid she tried to be invisible. Kiki later, relaxing after a swim at the lake.
Matt on the mountain Matt in his new home
Kirk - chained. Kirk a few months later, waiting for his BFF to come home.
Chief in December 2010.  One of the most traumatized Topaz dogs, it took him 3 weeks to stop hiding in the crate in his kennel when people came near. Chief with his best furfriend Misty (a PAWS rescue from a different abuse situation) and luxury replica watches his forever person Deb.

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