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News from Lucy and Ethel (aka Toni and Teddi)
Lucy and Ethel relaxing

Hello All!

Here are a few pictures of the girls... now Lucy and Ethel.  Toni= Lucy and Teddi= Ethel.  they are already responding to their names... they are sleeping through the night together in a large crate.  they love their big brother Trouper( 7.5 month old Choc Lab at 72#s) and he loves them.  He lets them take whatever bone or toy right out of his mouth without a peep.  loves to play and as soon as he comes in the door he bolts upstairs to see them.  The play and play until all three have to rest on Troupers big bed together.  they're eating well and learning their boundaries in the house.  they love exploring the yard with Trouper.  they're doing well on potty training.   

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Thanks so much for helping us through the adoption.  it was a great help to meet Jim in Spokane.  I think the decision to keep these two together was the right one.  there is no dominance issues at all.  Lucy is the shyer of the two but then she will get feisty and starts pushing her weight around...   

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