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If a stray, untagged cat or dog shows up at your door, the immediate things you can do are to:

  • Check with Social Media / Facebook (Creston and Area Buy and Sell group)
  • Call the vet clinic.
  • Check this webpage to see if the animal is listed under Lost and Found.
  • Call 428-PAWS.

Click here to see our list of FOUND DOGS.


MaleFriendly, white and faded orange overweight neutered male. Got left out overnight and has not returned home for four days.

MaleSteve is a very friendly neutered male orange cat that is currently shaved like a lion. He has gone missing from his Lower Wynndel Road home. He does also have some hot spots. His family is missing him, please help him find his way home.

MaleCopernicus has been missing since Saturday night. He is a sweet neutered male orange and white tabby. About 1 year old. He has a tiny freckle on his nose. He lives on Foster Road in Lakeview and we have had reports of a possible sighting on Robson Road/Plascko Road, at the intersection where the mailboxes are.

FemaleButternut is an older grey, black and white spayed cat that is friendly at home. Unknown if she will come to a stranger or not, but usually responds to kitty, kitty. She has gone missing from the area between 16th and 12th Avenue North.

FemalePrincess is an all black, friendly spayed female cat that has gone missing from the 9th Avenue South area on Saturday. She will come to her name.

Small cat 
FemaleHer name is Small Cat (named by my daughter). She is A healthy fixed female approximately 11 lbs.. she is somewhat shy but loves food. Perhaps someone coaxed her into their home with food. She isn't the type to wander... she is part Russian Blue and very loyal to home. She has dog like traits and doesn't trust people easily. I love her so much.

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