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This website, as well as PAWS Publication flyer lists PAWS shelter pets that are available for adoption, pets being fostered by PAWS, and privately owned pets needing to be rehomed.  PAWS tries to ensure that all shelter and foster pets are vet-checked, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered (when old enough) before they are adopted.  PAWS cannot guarantee the health of pets privately owned and listed with PAWS.  We urge new adopters to obtain health information when adopting a pet. We recommend having new pets vet-checked within 48 hours of adoption. 

Dogs for Adoption

Cats for Adoption

Dogs $200
Puppies $250
This includes vet check, vaccination, microchipping and a $45.00 voucher at Creston Veterinary if they are not already spayed/neutered.
Cats $120
Kittens $120
This includes vet check, vaccinations and a $45.00 voucher at Creston Veterinary if they are not already spayed/neutered
Adoption fees must be paid on collection of the pet by cheque, or cash


MaleHello Mates! My name is Charlie, as in Chaplin. He was a classic, and so am I. Like my namsake I am an entertainer,I pull off the Tuxedo like no one else, and I'm a loveable scamp! So, the good people at PAWS know that I am a young fella that will be neutered before I leave the shelter. I will have my vaccinations up to date. Then we can be together, you won't regret choosing me!

FemaleHello everyone, I'm Jules! Grateful to be here at all, I was rescued from the harsh outdoors when I was just a tiny orange bundle. I have experience with other cats ad a dog. I'm friendly, curious, playful and ready to be your special ginger girl!

MaleHi, I'm Hamish. The good people at PAWS must have been inspired to name me that because of my beautiful red fur! Just as you would expect from a ginger kitty, I am loveable, playful and not afraid to get your attention. Come down to the shelter and make my acquaintance!

MaleYoung male curious, playful & friendly

Stanley Strey
MaleStanley Strey is a stunning 1 year old Norwegian Forest Cat. He is friendly, affectionate, and has the most remarkable tail. Mr. Strey is currently looking for a new home to call his own and is willing to share the space with the right applicants. Those wishing to offer meal and lodging in exchange for love, affection and loyalty will be considered highly favorable! Interested?

FemaleI'm Minnie a beautiful green eyed Manx with Tabby Markings. I'm a friendly 3 year old female with an adaptive personality. I like to follow the workers at the shelter and see what they are up to, if you are looking for an inquisitive but quiet companion I could be right for you. Come to the shelter and meet me!

FemaleI don't like to be picked up or handled, but if you sit on a couch, I'll cuddle up to you and purr. Sometimes I stick out my tongue so I can breathe better. My shots are up to date; I'm spayed and I'm still in good health for my age (12 years). I don't jump up very well. My Mom often looks after a small dog who is old and has cataracts and we get along okay.

FemaleBlack is Beautiful... Queenie has the coat and the personality to prove it. She is always first to greet those coming to visit. She loves being held, petted, talked too. She has been kind to kittens and senior cats alike. She is spayed, healthy, young, agile, affectionate... and she is black. Please, don't let the colour of her fur prevent her from being adopted, come and meet Queenie and see if she is your ideal companion.

MaleI'm Tommy. I am a shy but happy grey tabby. I have been neutered and had my health check, vaccinations are up to date. What I need now is someone to love me and offer me a sunny spots and pillows to perch on. You might not be able to promise me the sunshine but you can do something about the pillow! Come meet me!

FemaleSweetie is a beautiful female tabby who is healthy and spayed. She has been timid ever since she came into the shelter as a kitten 914 days ago!That's 2 years, 6 months and 2 days just waiting for someone who could give her the love and the patience she needs to trust. Some pets just need to bond with a person in order to blossom. Are you that special person willing to take a chance on this girl?

MaleI'm Lucky, but you can make me "Luckier" by adopting me(and my girlfriend Lucy). I love snoozing in sunny spots. I'm the kind of cat that needs to get to know people before getting into all that cuddling stuff, but I'm not unfriendly... If you know what I mean! Come to the shelter and get to know me and me beautiful aqua blue eyes.

FemaleI'm Josephine, a real lap cat kind of girl. I'm a mostly white calico who has been raised with her "sister" Natalie. I've been an indoor/outdoor cat all my life and I'm twelve now. I'm healthy, spayed and looking for a new home because my owner couldn't take me to his. Please consider me.

FemaleI'm Natalie, a beautiful tortoiseshell fur with an independent personality. I came in with my "sister" Josephine. I am also a healthy 12 year old, more vocal, and a great mouser. We both led indoor/outdoor lifestyles and are respectful in a home. Our owner could not take us to his new home, please give me a chance to warm your heart!

FemaleI'm a beautiful adult short hair black and white spayed female. I came into the shelter as a kitten, just a few weeks old, hard to believe I'm still here!!!. I like hanging out with other cats in the catio. It wouldn't take long for you and I to get to know each other and find that we like the same thing, good company, food, and sunbeams. come check me out.

MaleHi, I'm Curtis. A big 5 year old male Tuxedo, some have used the word Rotund or Stout... Just don't call me fat! I'm a sensitive cat. I have a deceptively quiet, some might say "feminine" meow. I love to create "tents" to hide out under as much as I love being pet and cuddled. Yep, I'm a real anomaly. If you lavish me with food and affection, I will love you forever! Check me out.

FemaleI'm Muffin, a spayed domestic shorthair, with calico in the mix. I'm more of a single person cat, I tolerate dogs and don't care for other cats. I'm a bit of a princess, I show a lot of love and affection, but I don't mind letting people know when they've gone to far! My ideal home would allow me to hang out with my person outside and have lots of cushions inside. Look into my eyes, you know you want me!

MaleValour is a male short haired Ginger cat that is looking for a family to love. He is approximately 5 years old and very friendly.

FemaleBeautiful female with gorgeous long hair. Has been living the life of a stray, but clearly prefers the company of humans. She can be temperamental with other cats, so having people to herself would be purrfect for her.

FemaleShe is spayed up to date on vaccines. Her records are with the Creston veterinarian. We believe she is 3 maybe 4. She loves to laze around couch, bed anywhere comfy with occasional outings to relieve herself. She has had access to kitty door but I'm sure would use litter box if needed. Not sure how she is with children, can be a bit shy but since her mom is gone she is loving attention. Also has been free fed and a little overweight.

FemaleBlack and white spayed female 3 to 4 yrs old, very friendly indoor outdoor cat that loves to cuddle.


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