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This website, as well as PAWS Publication flyer lists PAWS shelter pets that are available for adoption, pets being fostered by PAWS, and privately owned pets needing to be rehomed.  PAWS tries to ensure that all shelter and foster pets are vet-checked, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered (when old enough) before they are adopted.  PAWS cannot guarantee the health of pets privately owned and listed with PAWS.  We urge new adopters to obtain health information when adopting a pet. We recommend having new pets vet-checked within 48 hours of adoption. 


Dogs $200
Puppies $250
This includes vet check, vaccination, microchipping and a $45.00 voucher at Creston Veterinary if they are not already spayed/neutered.
Cats $120
Kittens $120
This includes vet check, vaccinations and a $45.00 voucher at Creston Veterinary if they are not already spayed/neutered
Adoption fees must be paid on collection of the pet by cheque, or cash
Click here to see an adoption fee comparison.


MaleMax is a Short Haired neutered male Manx. No tail. He is 1 1/2 years old and very friendly if he knows you. He squeaks and has a goofy personality. He is also very affectionate.

Missy Moo
Femalemedium long haired black spayed Female. Missy Moo is 2 years old and very talkative. Once she gets to know you she is extremely affectionate and very playful and active.

FemaleA young spayed female Tuxedo cat. Very friendly and talkative.

FemaleI'm Charli a senior girl. I'm looking for a new accommodations since my people had to make lifestyle changes. I'm a wonderful orange tabby with cute freckles on my nose. If you are in need of laid back companionship, consider me!

MaleI'm Buster a handsome long haired Orange and White neutered male cat, approx. 3 years old. I'm very friendly and gentle boy with the sweetest of meows. I need of a new home since my previous owners couldn't take me with them. I am familiar with being an indoor/outdoor cat if that is what you are looking for. It sure would be nice having someone to love again, please come meet me!

FemaleI'm Juniper, a pretty young black tuxedo kitten with white mustache. I came in as a stray kitten with my sister Jordan. We were very frightened of people at first, but have started coming around. The other kittens in the shelter have been showing us how to trust and love humans. If you have a kind & patient heart for victims of circumstances like us, your kindness will pay off!

FemaleI'm Jordan,a cute young female tuxedo with white socks & black toes. I came in as a stray kitten with my sister Juniper. We were very frightened of people at first, but have started coming around. The other kittens in the shelter have been showing us how to trust and love humans. If you have a kind & patient heart for victims of circumstances like us, your kindness will pay off!

FemaleI'm Cobie, a young long haired grey and cream beauty. I am friendly and affectionate. I am at the shelter because I didn't work out with the other pets in the home. I seem to be okay with the kittens in the room, so maybe it was them and not me! Anyhoo, come to the shelter and meet me if you are looking for a great companion!

Female I'm little Phoenix. I'm another single kitten that was brought to PAWS for some TLC. I am now big enough to taken to my new furever home. If you are looking for a purrfect little white and tabby kitten with an adorable bubblegu pink nose, I'm your girl! Come find me at the shelter!

MaleI'm Hudson, I came in with Hailey and Hobbs, but I look nothing like them. I'm an orange tabby, sure there are a few of us at the shelter. But it is not the colour of my fur that you will ultimately fall in love with... It is my winsome orange personality! orange color personality type can be described as social butterflies. They sincerely love people and like to be around others- that's me!

MaleHobbs here, I am a terrific male tabby kitten. I came in with my siblings Hailey and Hudson. If you are looking for a "classic, handsome, playful, loving, affectionate..." and other good kitten qualities, check me out at the shelter, you'll be glad you did!

FemaleI'm Hailey, sweet female tabby kitten. I came in with my siblings Hobbs and Hudson. I'm a lot of fun with my awesome super kitten . All I need is food, water, sleep and love to reenergize my super powers. If you are looking for a special kitten for your household, check me out!

MaleI Garth an ultra sweet little male ginger. My colour is so pale, I'm more caramel then ginger. I came in as a singleton kitten and have managed well with making friends with the kittens around me. I love it when I can get one of the volunteers to slow down and pet me and cuddle me! I have been cleared to go, so come find me and take me home with you.

FemaleI'm Greer, quiet, sophisticated with dramatic eyes and an adorable nose... And I'm a kitten! I was named after the beautiful Greer Garson. I, too, am a classic with my in white fur and gorgeous tabby markings. If you like adorable, affectionate, loving, then we should meet because I have all those qualities. Seriously, we should be in pictures together!!!

FemaleI'm Sierra, a super sweet orange tabby. I love being held and petted but I'm also a playful little girl. I have no litter mates, but love being around others. Won't you please consider making me your newest family member?

Male I'm Fargo, one of the singleton kittens that came to be at PAWS. Under the loving care of my foster mom, I have become the healthy grey brown tabby that I was meant to be. I am loving, affectionate and now ready to face the world with you by my side.

MaleI'm Edmund, a handsome little ginger. So sweet that some of the volunteers refer to me as a furry creamsicle! Must be the heat!!! I came in to the shelter with my litter mates Eden, Elisa and Edwina. We have all had our health check and vaccination, dewormed. Edwina already found her new furever home, I am ready too!!!

FemaleI'm Gigi, I have gorgeous medium length sable hair.I have been spayed and I'm approximately 1 1/2 years old. If you are looking for a laid back and friendly beauty for your home, look no further then me!!! I am at the shelter waiting for my forever family to come and take me home.

FemaleI'm Elisa, a beautiful female calico kitten with a playful personality and cautious curiosity about me. I am the only calico kitten at PAWS right now, so that makes me different. There more to me than words can describe, you'll simply have to come see for yourself if we are meant to be together. Please come soon, I want some space of my own or a least fewer of us!!!

MaleI'm Eden a domesticated mini tiger! Okay, I just look like one. But I am a sweet male ginger kitten. I am currently waiting for you to discover how great I am. I have had my health check, first vaccine ( the 2nd one later this month) dewormed,and ready to go!!!

MaleI am one of the D kittens. I came in the shelter with my siblings Dory and Drew.I am the shyest of the three, but my time in the kitten room with the others is really helping me come out of my shell. Shy is okay too, because Dory is really out going, but she's a talker too!

FemaleHi I'm Dory, Meow! I came in to the shelter with my siblings Drew and Dewey. Meow! I am super out going, Meow! and love attention Meow! I get along with everyone, Meow! If you haven't noticed yet, Meow! I am the talkative one in the kitten room, Meow!

MaleHi, I'm Drew. I came in with my siblings with Dewey and Dory. I must be the middle kitten, I am not too talkative, not too reserved. I'm independent and easy going. I get along with the other kittens, so if you like your kittens to have a little more fur, check me and my siblings out!

MaleChance was brought to us when he was a couple of hours old, Little Miss accepted him and raised him as her own along with her four kittens. He has grown into a beautiful young healthy kitten thanks to the dedicated volunteers that fostered him and raised him to be a loving, affectionate kitten. If you want to be the happy ever after for this beautiful boy, please contact PAWS.

MaleI am Brett, I was born to little Miss on Easter Sunday. I am a sweet little silvery grey male & sure look a lot like my sister Bree. In fact, we can be a little hard to tell apart. I'm super active and love to play catch with the toys (not so good at release! It might be the hunter in me!) I'm the B kitten wearing the yellow collar.

FemaleI'm Birch one of Little Miss little female kittens born on Easter Sunday. The volunteers loved my tabby markings so much that's why they named me Birch. When you come to check me out! I'm a relaxed, friendly little girl that knows good things are around the corner! I can wait, but don't take too long to come find me!!!

MaleI'm Bart, Little Miss is my mommy. I was born on April 1, Easter Sunday. I was a little camera shy when they took my picture, now I am too busy to have a retake. Make that a 3rd photo shoot! When I'm not sleeping, I'm busy exploring. I overheard one of the volunteers say "It's Creston, Greys have more fun!" Sounded good to me! When you come looking for me look for my white collar.

FemaleI'm Fadra a lovely tabby lady. I definitely need a calmer home life, as long as I still get snuggles and attention at a calmer pace. I am trying to lose some weight, but then who isn't? I tolerate other cats, but really would prefer to be the only cat in the home. I enjoy a low energy home where I can relax and enjoy the day. I really like to have my own bed and a cat tree to scratch on.

FemaleI'm Gypsy, a stunning black feline with amazing yellow eyes. I'm a friendly female who is under 2 years of age. don't let my colour deter you from finding your next BFF. I purr, cuddle, love just like the other cats at PAWS, so won't you give me a chance?

FemaleI'm Bebe are real cuddler. I am considered a senior cat, but I would like to spend my final time in a loving home. My shots are up to date, I'm spayed and would make someone a wonderful companion.

MaleMy name is Ginger and I'm a mature (some would say senior but I disagree) handsome fellow with lots of love to share. I have beautiful soft medium length orange fur, gentle eyes; a real charmer, or so the ladies say! But you should find out for yourself. I'm sure one meeting with me should do it.

FemaleI'm a beautiful adult short hair black and white spayed female. I came into the shelter as a kitten, just a few weeks old, hard to believe I'm still here!!!. I like hanging out with other cats in the catio. It wouldn't take long for you and I to get to know each other and find that we like the same thing, good company, food, and sunbeams. come check me out.

MaleI'm Charger is a really nice fellow.I'm pretty much a laid back kind of guy, but still love having some attention. Quite fond of being petted and talked to.I love laying around in sunbeams watching the activity around me. I'm used to be the lone cat in a household, but I would be okay with others that would respect me as the top dog (if you know what I mean!)

Little Miss
FemaleI'm Little Miss,an affectionate spayed young female that would prefer a house with a dog then to share a house with another cat!!! I'm exotic looking thanks to my silvery fur, beautiful green eyes and lovely markings. I have a cheerful disposition and really want a furever home. I am in a foster home at the moment so please call PAWS to arrange to meet me!

FemaleI'm Muffin, a spayed domestic shorthair, with calico in the mix. I'm more of a single person cat, I tolerate dogs and don't care for other cats. I'm a bit of a princess, I show a lot of love and affection, but I don't mind letting people know when they've gone to far! My ideal home would allow me to hang out with my person outside and have lots of cushions inside. Look into my eyes, you know you want me!

MaleValour is a male short haired Ginger cat that is looking for a family to love. He is approximately 5 years old and very friendly.

MaleEarl turned 7 years old in April. He weighs about 14 lb. He’s very friendly, loves to sit on my knee, though if he is napping somewhere he doesn’t like to be disturbed. He is an expert mouser. Gets along fine with small dogs. He is neutered and has had his shots, and was recently dewormed. He has always been very clean in the house and doesn’t scratch furniture.

FemaleMy name is Sadie, I am a young friendly kitty that is very socialable. I like to play and cuddle. My previous owner moved on and left me without a home. Some very nice people have been looking after me but would like to find me a furever home.


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