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This website, as well as PAWS Publication flyer lists PAWS shelter pets that are available for adoption, pets being fostered by PAWS, and privately owned pets needing to be rehomed.  PAWS tries to ensure that all shelter and foster pets are vet-checked, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered (when old enough) before they are adopted.  PAWS cannot guarantee the health of pets privately owned and listed with PAWS.  We urge new adopters to obtain health information when adopting a pet. We recommend having new pets vet-checked within 48 hours of adoption. 


Dogs $200
Puppies $250
This includes vet check, vaccination and a $45.00 voucher at Creston Veterinary if they are not already spayed/neutered.
Cats $120
Kittens $120
This includes vet check, vaccinations and a $45.00 voucher at Creston Veterinary if they are not already spayed/neutered
Adoption fees must be paid on collection of the pet by cheque, cash, debit or etransfers.
Click here to see an adoption fee comparison.

Note: 'Open in Adobe Acrobat' if you want to be able to save your information. The application form will re-open in Adobe Acrobat.  If you choose to download the fillable application form to your computer first, when you do open the application, you must right-click the icon first, then select the option to open in Adobe Acrobat.

CAT Adoption Form      DOG Adoption Form    OTHER Pet Adoption Form


MaleDOB: 10/4/2020. Judge is a grey/black tabby who's about 6 months old. He's super sweet, friendly, and well socialized. Won't you give this handsome boy his fur-ever home?

FemaleDOB: 10/2/2020. This petite grey/white/black female tabby was brought in as a stray. She's about 5 to 6 months old. While she's settled in nicely, she's also shown herself to be no pushover if a bigger cat tries to boss her around. She'd love to find her fur-ever home!

FemaleDOB: 10/9/2010. Marlowe is a friendly, social long-haired orange and cream 10-year-old. This stunning girl loves attention and would be happy to have more of it in her new fur-ever home.

MaleDOB: 8/26/2014. Beautiful 6-year-old short-haired white cat with blue eyes. He is deaf, has some arthritis, and needs dental work. I have Special Requirements.

FemaleDOB: 5/1/2020. Tony is a female beige/grey tabby. She's about 6 months old. She's the sister of Taylor. She's sweet, friendly, and socializing well with the other kittens. She's love to find her fur-ever home!

FemaleDOB: 5/1/2020. Taylor is a sweet female darker black/grey tabby kitten. About 6 months old, she's friendly, playful, and is socializing well. She's the sister of Tony. Won't you give her a fur-ever home?

FemaleDOB: 7/29/2019. This sweet, medium-hair Tortie is about a year old. She's well socialized and very friendly. Won't you give her a fur-ever home?

MaleDOB: 7/19/2012. Pepper is an 8-year-old DSH black cat who's super friendly and affectionate. He was an indoor/outdoor cat. He's hoping you'll be the one to give him his fur-ever home.

MaleDOB: 6/1/2020. Keaton is a 4-month-old mostly grey with some white kitten. He's friendly, playful, and well socialized. While he loves playing with his kitten friends, he'd much rather be playing in his fur-ever home.

MaleDOB: 4/14/2019. I'm Connor, a big, handsome orange and cream 1-year-old male. Even though I'm young, I like being Top Cat. I would prefer to be the only kitty, as I like to be my own boss! Please call PAWS to make arrangements to meet me.

MaleDOB: 5/21/2013. I'm Ronin, a very sweet, laid back 7-year-old grey tabby. I get along with the other cats. I'm kind of the grandpa of the cats - kittens just love me! Once I settle in I would like to have indoor/outdoor privileges. Won't you give me my fur-ever home?


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