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This website, as well as PAWS Publication flyer lists PAWS shelter pets that are available for adoption, pets being fostered by PAWS, and privately owned pets needing to be rehomed.  PAWS tries to ensure that all shelter and foster pets are vet-checked, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered (when old enough) before they are adopted.  PAWS cannot guarantee the health of pets privately owned and listed with PAWS.  We urge new adopters to obtain health information when adopting a pet. We recommend having new pets vet-checked within 48 hours of adoption. 


Dogs $200
Puppies $250
This includes vet check, vaccination, microchipping and a $45.00 voucher at Creston Veterinary if they are not already spayed/neutered.
Cats $120
Kittens $120
This includes vet check, vaccinations and a $45.00 voucher at Creston Veterinary if they are not already spayed/neutered
Adoption fees must be paid on collection of the pet by cheque, or cash
Click here to see an adoption fee comparison.


Female I'm Cassie a sweet black kitten that's looking for a family.

Female I'm Coralee, a black kitten from a litter of three. Would love to find a new home.

FemaleDOB: 4/24/2019. I'm CJ a cute tuxedo kitten. Looking for a home who could tell me what CJ stands for!?! Once you get to know me you'll surely come up with loads of options.

MaleDOB: 4/24/2019. I'm Jack! A sweet little lavender tabby (paler then a orange tabby). I have the gentlest of eyes, and I am one of the few single kittens of the 2019 season. I get along with the other kittens and consider myself a true catch. come to the shelter to meet me!

FemaleDOB: 4/26/2019. I'm Alexis, a sweet tabby kitten.

FemaleDOB: 4/26/2019. I'm Arden, an awesome tabby kitten.

FemaleDOB: 5/19/2018. I'm Jasmine, a beautiful little girl with a super cuddly personality. They say I'm a black feline, but when the sun catches my fur you can see I'm more sable. I have been Spayed and my vaccinations are up to date. I'm just over a year old still playful enough without being mischievous. Please come down to the shelter and meet me!

MaleDOB: 4/15/2019. I'm Gizmo, a handsome tabby with white markings. I'm an affectionate boy who gets along with others and love to be petted.

FemaleDOB: 4/15/2019. Hi I'm Gidget a sweet Siamese X White Flame Point. I am not only pretty to look at but I have a friendly personality to match!

MaleDOB: 4/15/2019. I'm Ghost, an adorable Siamese Flame Point X. I am Gidget's Brother. I am friendly and get along with others.

MaleDOB: 4/15/2019. I'm Garfield, a sweet short hair Ginger tabby kitten. I'm a mellow kitten who gets along with others and likes human touch.

FemaleDOB: 6/27/2018. Hi, I'm Cleo. I am an awesome short haired calico. I'm spayed and my vaccinations or up to date. Come check me out at the shelter!

MaleDOB: 4/28/2018. I'm Zuma, an awesome young adult grey tabby. I am friendly with people, can get along with other cats when I want to. But I would be happiest if I can be the only cat ruling the house. I have been neutered and my vaccinations are done, all that is missing is you! come and meet me!

MaleDOB: 12/23/2013. I'm Jimmy, a black and grey male cat with Bengal markings. I came into the shelter with my brother Kenny. I am a little bigger than my brother but also a bit more shy. We are both friendly and love attention once we get to know you. Because we are very much a bonded pair, we are wanting to find a home where we can stay together.

MaleDOB: 12/23/2013. I'm Kenny, a black and grey male cat with Bengal markings. I came into the shelter with my brother Jimmy. I am a little more outgoing than my brother, but we are both friendly and love attention once we get to know you. Because we are very much a bonded pair, we are wanting to find a home where we can stay together.

MaleDOB: 9/4/2018. I'm Vida, a friendly orange and white young male. Now that I'm six month old I have found my confidence and I'm over my shyness. I love to play and cuddle. I get along with other cats and would be a great addition to any family! I have been neutered already and my vaccinations are up to date, so come down to the shelter and meet me!

MaleDOB: 9/29/2018. I'm Trey, a charming young chap with a friendly disposition. I'm long and lean with a fun mix of white and tabby markings. I have been spayed and my vaccinations are up to date. I get along with other cats but also happy to spend some alone time. I will seek out affection to all willing to give it. I think I would be a purrfect addition to any home. Come to the shelter and meet me.

MaleDOB: 6/29/2014. I'm Buster a handsome long haired Orange and White neutered male cat, approx. 4 years old. I'm very friendly and gentle boy with the sweetest of meows and I don't mind dogs. I need of a new home since my previous owners couldn't take me with them. I've been indoor/outdoor cat,if that is what you are looking for. It sure would be nice having someone to love again, please come meet me!

FemaleDOB: 10/18/2015. I'm Fadra a lovely tabby lady. I need a calmer home life, as long as I still get snuggles and attention at a calmer pace. I am trying to lose some weight, but then who isn't? I tolerate other cats, but really would prefer to be the only cat. I Really Don't Like Dogs. I love to look out the window and watch what is happening when I am not busy warming a spot on the couch.

FemaleDOB: 2/2/2013. I'm a beautiful adult short hair black and white spayed female. I came into the shelter as a kitten, just a few weeks old, hard to believe I'm still here!!!. I like hanging out with other cats in the catio. It wouldn't take long for you and I to get to know each other and find that we like the same thing, good company, food, and sunbeams. come check me out.

MaleDOB: 9/29/2018. I'm Toro. A young beautiful long haired neutered young male. I am mostly white with tabby markings and the biggest fluffiest tail. I am a little shy, but love being petted. I get along with other cats and would make someone very happy if they would give me the chance! Come and meet me!

MaleDOB: 5/12/2012. Valour is a male short haired Ginger cat that is looking for a family to love. He is approximately 5 years old and very friendly.

UnknownDOB: 5/10/2019. 9 kittens ready to be rehomed. Born May 8 approx. They are eating solid food and using a litter box and have been handled a lot. 3 black, 3 striped, and 3 calico. Small medium and large of each.

Male Boots is a small Tuxedo Male neutered about 8 years old.

Female This is Jezebel a female calico neutered and 10 years old. friendly, and likes dogs :)


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